On April 10th, Margaret arranged a social evening at the Old Edwardians Sports Club for members to bring their photos and memories of trips from last year and other adventures.

First up was Bill with some breath-taking scenes and stories about cross-country skiing across Sweden and Norway, going hut to hut and covering twenty miles or more a day. He even brought one of his skis in to show us what he uses as the thin skis normally used for tracked cross-country skiing are not suitable, his being longer and narrower than a touring ski, but with the scales on the base of cross-country skis.

Mark was next up with an excellent PowerPoint show about the trip to Valluoise last summer and told us ‘How Snoopy Taught Me to Love Slabs’ with photos from many routes including Snoopy and talking us through Snoopy Direct.

After some technical issues with Mac to PC links, Alex showed us photos of the via ferrata routes they also did last summer.

Jo finished off with a few more slides from Vallouise and a quick round up of things to do in Lofoten, including climbing The Goat, Only Bilberries, feeding sea eagles from a boat and getting used to 24-hour daylight.

All of this was served up with pizza and garlic bread, fresh from the oven at the Old Ed’s. An enjoyable evening with lots of fond memories brought to life.

Owing to technical issues we will have to wait until the next time to see Alex’s photos of the Old Man of Hoy – we can’t wait!

Jo Dennis

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