SMC members Roger and Holly made a recent visit to the brand new climbing wall at Warwick University and this is how they got on.

‘Holly and I popped along to the new Warwick Uni climbing wall this morning (April 17th 2019) – it only opened on Monday! Very impressive wall in a brand new building and it is well worth a trip.

It is not near the old wall – so don’t go there and pay your money for parking – as if anyone would be so stupid! Coming from Solihull, you go into the uni campus, past the Varsity pub as usual, but then go right at the next junction rather than left. Follow the road round past the Scarman conference centre. Go past barriers that seem to be permanently up now and ignore the signs about it being authorised vehicles only. The road gently bends round to the left and you will see an impressive building in front of you. (Currently traffic lights here) Parking is on your right. You seem to have to put your reg number in ….. er unless you have already paid for a ticket somewhere else…

Entrance is up the steps on the left of the building. We were told that the obvious traversing wall (you’ll see what I mean when you get there) is not intended for this purpose and is out of bounds. Even if you were a member before, it’s all new. So you have to complete the usual safety forms, watch a bouldering safety video and then be belay checked at the wall itself.

The wall is superb. Quite big, larger than Redpoint Birmingham, but not Creation. They have bouldering, top ropes, lead (including a huge 15m overhanging wall), 6 auto belays, a twin speed climbing wall (with timers) and campus boards. It is light, spacious and cheerful but pretty warm – almost uncomfortably so. We were told they have yet to work out the ideal air conditioning.

They discourage bags in the wall area and have provided lockers in the corridor outside (you’ll need a £1 coin which you get back). No cafe yet – apparently there will be one in six weeks but not on the same level.

Anything else? … Ah yes… the grades… umm. Many will remember the rather flattering grades at the old wall… don’t expect that now!

Will we visit again – definitely yes!’

Roger Fanner

To find out more information about this new wall go to:

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