Our own answer to Oscars night!
Great company, fine food and our highly coveted awards!

See who won what!

  • Peel of the Year went to Ed for returning after a hefty headfirst fall and finishing his first F7a in Siurana (beating off good efforts that involved an unplanned mtb dismount by Sue and Mike’s airborne attempt at Blowin’ in the Wind at Pembroke)
  • Nigel Mansell Award went to Darja for attempting to do away with 2 committee members in one go whilst reversing at the crag BB evening
  • Thunderbirds Award was collected by Jeff on Paul’s behalf (as he was busy getting married!) Jeff was the key witness to an epic, aided, helmet jamming, self-rescue on a ‘Severe’ on Hay Tor Low Man resulting in a re-fractured wrist (the first one he didn’t recall).
  • Versace Award could only go to Henry this year for wearing shorts at the Roaches and losing knee and shin skin (as did Rob), but won it outright at Pembroke tiptoeing barefoot (and still in shorts) on sharp rocks at Saddle Head and slicing off most of his big toe.
  • Golden Tent Peg Award was returned to Pete and Clare – not satisfied with the air tent victory last year – they went one better with a fabulous glamper van, beating Holly’s sofa and fairy lights and Mike’s failing head torch during a late night tent faff
  • Navigator of the Year could have gone to Andrew for forgetting the map on the crag BBQ evening, or to Mike and Mark for finding the top of the crag instead of the bottom in Siurana, but Holly was duly awarded it for heading to the Roaches, only to find Hen Cloud instead.
  • Blonde of the Year was very hotly contested – not least by Alice who evaded customs declarations despite being a mobile nuclear heat source after forgetting sun cream in Spain, or Holly who pulled the rope down after agreeing to leave it up for others in Spain. It could have been Paul for leaving his rope at the top of Idwal slabs, or Ed for bringing everything but the kitchen sink and his harness to Stanage. All were outshone by Sue who left wallet and phone safely on the car roof all day whilst climbing at Shorncliff.
  • Green Welly Award – also went to Sue for publicly dropping herself in it on Facebook about the wallet and phone incident.
  • Epic Award had a few nominees including Mike, Ed and Mark who did a one-day tour of various Pembroke cliffs with little successful climbing due to red flags, high tides and fallen down cliffs. Ronnie’s monumental solo trek along the John Muir Trail in the USA held us spellbound on the BBQ evening as she recalled all 211 miles (plus the final descent) and epic river crossings. In the end Andrew was the winner for his unplanned 12 hour epic return from Dalwhinnie to Brum, cycling 25 miles to Blair Atholl due to grumpy guard not allowing the bike on board and having to fork out for another rail ticket having missed the original connection, whilst somehow maintaining public order at the ticket desk at the news (and no offer of a refund either).

Annual Dinner & Awards Friday 1st November 2019