Following the easing of lockdown, on 17th June 2020 we were finally able to arrange one of our scheduled club events, an evening country walk round the Lickey Hills.
Audaciously braving the rubbish weather forecast, a team gathered in Barnt Green and headed uphill, enjoying an unexpected rain-free evening and a chance to stretch our legs with some friendly company – after 10 weeks of lockdown, this was a welcome opportunity to enjoy face-to-face conversation outside our immediate households.
As an antidote to all the recent horror-stories about littering in the outdoors, we did a litter pick on the way round. Well done Jo! Her personal tally was 7 bin bags of detritus disposed of responsibly.
Shame the survivors’ photo wasn’t able to be in a pub, but it was great to be back outdoors as a club!

At Last! A Club Event! Lickeys Evening Walk