Undeterred by poor weather during the week, we moved the Baddesley evening walk from a rainy Wednesday evening to the following Sunday when the weather was sunny and warm all day, good enough for a few shorts to be donned and sun lotion applied. As the National Trust were only allowing booked customers for the gardens to use the car park we found alternate parking near Hay Wood and miraculously we all found each other. 7 socially distanced people (Helen, Andrew, Cloe, Pete & Clare, Tony & Jo) plus dogs (Lunar & Jasper) enjoyed a stroll through open fields, along and through hedgerows and rolling countryside around Baddesley Clinton, Andrew narrowly being missed as a random branch fell off an oak tree along the way and losing various sticks to the disappointment of the super-keen fetchers. Back at the cars all too quickly but we’ll enjoy another amble somewhere else soon.

Another Walk! Baddesley Clinton, 12th July